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"Todd, you really did an amazing job.  Our students were totally focused on you the entire time!  Thank you, we loved it!"
Adele Martin ~ Principal  
​List Elementary School, ​Frankenmuth, Michigan

Check out this AMAZING hand-drawn pencil sketch done by the extremely talented Jon Schubert!  He and his lovely wife surprised me with it when I arrived at the Casey Popcorn Festival this past Labor Day Weekend :-) (Casey, IL)

"Hi Todd,  I know the kids were really enjoying your show at school, and they retained information, too.  How?  A couple kids who came to our corn maze knew all the answers to your jokes!  Those children proved that your message is truly memorable: you engage kids' brains with live sounds and sights, remind them of great dairy taste and you've got great lyrics to tunes they already know, as well as a huge helping of dairy funny humor!  That all-encompassing sensory experience melds perfectly with your very dairy educational message."
Joanmarie Weiss ~ Weiss Centennial Dairy Farm. Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Frankenmuth News October 2015

Frankie the capuchin monkey is mesmerized by the Moogician's moosic videos!  He gave "The Milk Song" two opposable thumbs up!

The Butler Eagle August 2014

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